M10 1" 8track conversion to 1/4" 2 track
I like to convert Telefunken M10 1" 8 track to 1/4" 2 track. Idea is to change only tape guides and heads for 1/4" tape. It will work? Can be some problems? Maybe someone has experience?

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Well you dont seem to own one yet, do you? This advert shows the exact photo of your machine: https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anze...9-172-1534
Yes, but it is reserved for me, soon I will have it.
I have to say, it would really be a pity if you convert this rare 1 inch Multitrack-machine into a normal quarter inch version, especially because this one seems to be really in a good condition.
These old multitrack machines are hard to find these days and I'm pretty sure there a some vintage recording studios around who would pay a fortune for a machine like this.

It's a bit like buying a rare Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus and then trying to convert it into a standard Beetle, because you only need a car for two ;-)

Maybe think about it. There are still normal M10's on the market, and maybe you can find somebody who would make a deal and swap his normal 1/4" with your 1" Version.
Unfortunately I've sold my 1/4" M10A already some time ago, otherwise I would make you this offer...


Hello Silvio,
Thank you for answer. Im understand your opinion. I would like to convert recorder with keeping 1" head stack and other parts safe. I like to change rollers and guides with new made one, if later I like to return to 1" version it will be easy to make. Im searching 1/4'" M10 already 3 years, but it is not possible to found. There is some for sale with dramatic high price over 30K.

In eBay is a 2 track for 3000€


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